One Day Seminars

Everything You Wanted To Know About Data But Was Afraid to Ask            

 Armed With Data And What's In It For Me

Focus on specific skills required for data utilization.  Topics covered are data locations, data comprehension, data interpretation, data use, and question posing.

Application of data skills to classroom or district data.  Topics covered are decision making based

​on data; using data to evaluate outcomes of decisions, using data to evaluate programs; and using data for instructional decisions.

 Have Data What Do I Do With It

Have Data Now What Do I Do

​A conceptual overview of data literacy and its application in the school setting including technical adequacy of data; specific skills to utilize data effectively; and potential outcomes of data utilization.  Will include a copy of the book, ​Data Literacy for Educators: Good Data, Bad Data.

​Using data to assist in improving student achievement; evaluation.  Topics covered are best focus of instructional time; determining student's needs based on identification of strengths and areas in need of further instruction and intervention; determining effectiveness of instruction; evaluating pedagogy; evaluating curriculum.


District Level 

  Analysis of district level data and collaboration with administrators,

Building Level

   Analysis of building level data and collaboration with principal.

Classroom Level

    Analysis of classroom level data and collaboration with individual teachers and teams.

One day seminars are available and provided singly or in combination.  Included with a seminar(s) are follow-up session(s) with teams of teachers and/or administrators.